[Spoiler] Nuovo video in-game per Total War: Warhammer

The Everchosen vs. The Everwatcher

Di Tommaso Alisonno (10 giugno 2016 - 12:01)
Total War: Warhammer

SEGA e Creative Assembly hanno rilasciato un nuovo video di gameplay commentato tratto da Total War: Warhammer, specificando che si tratta di una sessione di gioco molto avanzata e che dunque pu costituire spoiler per chi volesse godersi la trama senza sorprese.

Ecco la battaglia tra The Everchosen e The Everwatcher:

Riportiamo in calce il comunicato stampa ufficiale e vi ricordiamo la nostra Recensione di Total War: Warhammer.


Archaeon may be the Everchosen, but to the Chaos God Tzeentch - Changer of the Ways - nothing lasts forever. The newest in a series of Let’s Play videos showcases perhaps the greatest threat faced by players late in the Chaos campaign, as Tzeentch sends his foremost champion as the ultimate test of a Chaos player’s aptitude in battle and to once and for all judge the worthiness of the supposed bringer of the End Times.

Featuring two very powerful Chaos armies, this climactic late-game battle highlights the awesome power of Sarthorael the Everwatcher. Massive in size and with devastating melee attacks thanks to his magical staff, he also wields the devastating Lore of Metal, making him more than a match for even the most powerful Legendary Lords.

The Total War: WARHAMMER – Chaos Warriors Race Pack is available now on Steam. For more details visit www.totalwar.com

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