7th Dragon III Code: VFD - 3DS

Copertina 7th Dragon III Code: VFD - 3DS
  • Piattaforme: 3DS
  • Produttore:SEGA
  • Sviluppatore:SEGA
  • Genere:JRPG
  • PEGI:12+
  • Sito ufficiale:http://www.deepsilver.com/en/games/7th-dragon-iii-code-vfd/
  • Multiplayer Locale:Non supportato
  • Multiplayer Online:Non supportato
  • Data di uscita: 9 dicembre 2016
  • In the year 2100 dragons have descended upon earth and humanity is at the mercy of these terrifying beasts. However, not all is lost. As the protagonist, the player will team up with Nodens Enterprises—a video game company dedicated to stopping the dragon menace—to become a dragon hunter and eventual saviour of the universe. Although times are bleak, Nodens Enterprises has found a way to tip the scales in favour of mankind By traveling through time to three different eras, the protagonist can upset the balance of the dragons' power.
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Nuovo trailer e tanti DLC per 7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Di Tommaso Alisonno (18 novembre 2016)

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