The future of manicures: Would you get your nails done by an AI robot?

When Israeli startup Nimble wanted to สล็อตxoทดลองเล่น produce a manicure robot, close to 5,000 people rushed to support it in just three weeks. What started as a Kickstarter idea to raise US$25,000 (S$33,000) has now reached more than US$1 million in less than a month.

Whether it is the result of the pandemic where you're looking for services that don't require you to see another human being or just the inevitable future of manicures, it is one heck of a concept.

Now that the company is reportedly ready to begin mass production after developing the device for four years, what can we expect from the new technology?

How it works: You can simply put your fingers under the device (like how you would with an LED nail lamp). A tiny robotic arm would then apply the polish on the nails ľ starting from the nail base, two coats of colour and a top coat.

Priced at US$249 for early birds, the printer-sized set comes with the Nimble device, three capsule sets (comprising a nail base, colour of choice and top coat) and an accompanying app activated with Wi-Fi.

But if you are hooked, you can top up on the capsule sets separately with more than 30 shades to select from. Sounds like how you would pop coffee capsules into your home machine right?

To ensure that it caters to varying sizes, shapes and curves, it also employs mini cameras to assess your fingers with three-dimensional image processing.