Confident women and the art of power dressing in a #woke world

Power dressing has always captured slotxoดาวน์โหลด the zeitgeist of the moment. Originating in the 70s, it peaked in popularity in the 80s and 90s when “I mean business” suits and heavily-padded shoulders became a staple for women trying to make an impact in the workplace.

The 80s movie classic Working Girl not only celebrated women getting ahead in the corporate world, it celebrated the culture of power dressing, with Melanie Griffiths’ wardrobe evolving to embrace wide-shouldered, authoritative blazers and tailored suits as she journeys to the top.

With the increasing number of women entering the workforce in the 80s, there was a need for women’s fashion to borrow from the corporate wardrobes of men in order to embody the strength and authority needed for credibility in the workplace – in short, to fit in with the boys.

Power dressing used to refer to the “battle gear”, said personal stylist Fumi Lee, “that people wear to important meetings and business occasions. It focused on strength and career which, of course, may still apply to the business world these days. But now, it’s changed to refer to outfits of a certain style, put together to bring out the individual’s personality”.