Covid: French lockdown eased to help schools and travel

French children have returned to เล่นสล็อต classes in schools across the country and a domestic travel ban has been lifted, as the government eases its third Covid lockdown.

Citizens can now travel further than 10km (six miles) from home and can go anywhere in France. And they no longer have to carry a form giving a valid reason for travelling.

The third lockdown, lighter than the previous two, took effect in March.

A night-time curfew remains in force.

That curfew runs from 19:00 (17:00 GMT) to 06:00 nationwide and any breach incurs a fine of €135 (£117; $163).

Under the government's plan, the next phase of easing will start on 19 May, when the curfew will be pushed back to 21:00, outdoor service will be permitted at cafes and restaurants, and spectators will be allowed to return to sports venues.

Along with eating places, France is keeping non-essential businesses, shopping centres and leisure facilities shut.

France is currently registering around 25,000 new coronavirus infections a day and the number of intensive care patients with Covid-19 has dropped below 5,600.

The French channel BFMTV says the total for Covid patients in hospital was 28,818 on Sunday - a week ago it was over 30,000. France's total of Covid deaths is now above 104,800.