Rallies a potential risk in spread of Covid, scientist says

Rallies such as the anti-lockdown protest in slotxo โบนัส London on Saturday are "at the very least a potential risk" to the spread of coronavirus, a scientist advising the government has warned.

Prof Stephen Reicher, a member of the government's scientific advisory panel on behaviour, said there was evidence that counties in the US which held rallies for former President Donald Trump during the presidential election last year saw bigger spikes in infection than those who did not.

"Moreover, the mass election rallies in India and the permission to bring huge religious festivals forward... is one explanation for the huge rise of cases in India," he said.

"Much depends on how people behave at these events.

"If they maintain distance and wear masks, there is little danger. If they explicitly ignore restrictions, if they reject masks, stand close together, touch, shout and sing, then - going back to first principles - there is likely to be a risk.

"Given that the anti-lockdown protests do all of these things, they are at the very least a potential risk," he added.